Pre-wedding photo shoot

What is a pre-wedding photo-shoot?

This style of photo-shoot is very common on Asian culture. Couples usually do it before getting married so they can have amazing photographs in their wedding attire or in glamorous clothes.

Where does this photo-shoot take place?

You can choose anywhere in Bolivia to do it, but one of the most famous destinations is the Uyuni Salt Flats (Salar de Uyuni). It’s a magic landscape unique in the world.

How do we get to the Uyuni Salt Flats?

The best way to get to the salt flats is from Uyuni a small town in Potosi, Bolivia. You can get to Uyuni from La Paz, Bolivia via bus or plane.

The buses leave every day from the La Paz Bus station at 7pm and the average cost is 100 to 200 Bs. One way ticket (around 15 to 27 USD) and arrives to Uyuni at 5am the next day. So it’s a 10-hour trip. The company I recommend is Panasur

There are also tourist buses (Todo Turismo) available for a higher price 270Bs. (40 USD) one way ticket

There are 3 flights every day from El Alto airport with the company Amazonas. The trip is 30 min long and the average price is 300 USD to 400 USD for a two-way ticket

There is a daily flight from El Alto airport with the company BOA. The average price is 200 USD to 300 USD

Once in Uyuni we will take a private tour into the salt flats.

Why is it necessary to take a private tour to the salt flats?

The only way to get on the salt flats is by hiring a 4×4 tour. By hiring a private tour we can have the liberty to stop as many times and as long as we need.

What does the tour include?

We work with Wanderlust Turismo 591 to provide a complete service specialized for a couple during their shoot. You can choose between 1 day, 2 days, 3 days tours. 1 day tours include visiting the train cemetery, Colchani, entering the salt flats, visiting the Incahuasi Island (not available in rainy season) and watching the sunset, they also include a special lunch in the middle of the salt flats. But if you want to see the sunrise and starry nights as well you will need to book the 2 day tour.

Please contact us for more information on the 2 and 3 days tours


Does the tour includes a make up artist?

Yes the tours includes a make up artist for the whole duration of the tour



What do we need to bring to the photo-shoot?

You will need to bring the wedding attire of your choice. Bridal gown, veil, shoes, groom’s attire as well and any accessories you want (bouquet, balloons, etc). I advise bringing them from your home country since maybe you will not find a great selection in Bolivia. Also, if you want to take the sunrise tour you will need very warm clothes. Don’t forget to bring dark sunglasses because the light is very harsh at the salt flats and can be very dangerous.


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